Kickoff 2 Electric Boogaloo

1 minute read

This week we went over the basics of our vision of the club this semester, as well as some ethics and other clerical stuff.

This semester we plan on running through actually hacking “stuff” and what you find in the real world as a professional penetration tester. We’ll start off next week looking at enumeration; finding all the devices on a network (aka the “stuff”), then we’ll work towards exploiting vulnerabilities in all the devices, and keeping persistence on the network.

To get started for next week, you’ll need to learn the basics of Kali Linux, and what a virtual machine is. The best way to learn all of this is by googling “VMWare Player”, “Offensive Security Kali VM”, then going through the overthewire’s bandit game online. 99% of the things we’ll do in this club will be on Linux. You’re highly encouraged to bring your own laptop/friend with a laptop to the meetings.

Another important part of the meeting was that everything we’ll teach in this club is considered illegal if you perform acts on “stuff” you don’t own. Keep it in our lab or your lab. If you get caught it reflects bad on the university, and us, and we’ll no longer be able to meet. We’re not an official Auburn club.

That’s about it; this meeting was super short, just going over the basics.