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Welcome to the Auburn Ethical Hacking Club (EHC) site!

This site provides all documentation for the EHC.

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What is this club?

The Auburn Ethical Hacking Club is a subset of Auburn’s Association for Computing Machinery Club (ACM). We are not our own club but a sub group of ACM. Our focus in EHC is on hacking and hacking ethically.

What is Hacking?

Hacking in the most basic terms is the process of exploiting vulnerabilities to gain access to systems or resources. Of course it is not as simple as that definition makes it out to be!

Most of the time when you hear about hackers on the news breaking into stuff for various reasons they are black hat hackers. Not every hacker in the world is out to destroy someone else’s personal property. Not many people are actually aware of these.

Common Types of Hackers

  • White Hat
    • Also known as ethical hackers, White Hat hackers are the good guys of the hacker world. They’ll help you remove a virus or PenTest a company. Most White Hat hackers hold a college degree in IT security or computer science and must be certified to pursue a career in hacking. The most popular certification is the Security+ from CompTIA. This is the domain we focus on!
  • Black Hat
    • Also known as crackers, these are the men and women you hear about in the news. They find banks or other companies with weak security and steal money or credit card information. The surprising truth about their methods of attack is that they often use common hacking practices they learned early on.
  • Grey Hat
    • Nothing is ever just black or white; the same is true in the world of hacking. Grey Hat hackers don’t steal money or information (although, sometimes they deface a website or two), yet they don’t help people for good (but, they could if they wanted to). These hackers comprise most of the hacking world, even though Black Hat hackers garner most (if not all) of the media’s attention.


Since we are a club focused on ethical hacking DO NOT perform any kind of techinques, run any software, poke around on a network or a machine that you do not own unless given permission by the machine / networks owner!