Who We Are

Auburn University Ethical Hacking Club (AUEHC) is a child organization of Auburn’s Associate for Computing Machinery (ACM). AUEHC is a cybersecurity student organization founded in January 2016 by Jeramy Lochner and Matt Rogers.


AUEHC’s primary objective is to build interest in cybersecurity within Auburn University’s student body. Our members are composed of freshmen to graduate students, each with an interest in different parts of the cybersecurity field. AUEHC is focused on developing a new wave of cybersecurity professionals.


Over the past 4 years, we have taught Auburn University students cybersecurity principles through our participation in international security competitions, lectures on security topics, and practice with industry-standard security tools.

In the 4 years we have been active, we have worked with national laboratories to hold cybersecurity events, contributed to educating the general population about computer hygiene through good works, and developed and hosted a public cybersecurity event, AUCTF 2020, with close to 3000 participants from around the globe.


President (2020-present) - Charlie Harper

Vice President (2020-present) - Ethan Johnson

Secretary (2020-present) - Jonathan Aldridge

Treasurer (2020-present) - Matthew McGlawn

Technical Lead (2020-present) - Jordan Sosnowski

Technical Lead (2020-present) - Zach Leggett

Group Lead (2020-present) - Luke Gleba

Faculty Advisor (2020-present) - Daniel Tauritz

Past Leadership

Treasurer (2019-2020) - Luke Gleba

Vice President (2018-2019), President (2019-2020) - Jordan Sosnowski

Vice President (2019-2020) - Demarcus Campbell

Technical Lead (2018-2020) - Drew Batten

Faculty Advisor (2016-2020) - David Umphress

President (2018-2019) - Lee Vanrell

Founder, President (2016-2018) - Matthew Rogers

Founder, Vice President (2016-2018) - Jeramy Lochner