Binary Exploitation
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Binary Exploitation

Introduction to Binary Exploitation
Introduction to Binary Exploitation Jon Aldridge & Zach Leggett

This week we will be starting our section on binary exploitation, beginning with buffer overflows. We will start with an explanation on how the stack works, and then transition what buffer overflows are and how they work. We will talk about return-to-shellcode and return-to-libc attacks and how they work. Then, we will also talk about some of the defenses in place that prevent those types of attacks on modern operating systems.

We have a vm made for this meeting, so feel free to download and install it from this link:, or we will also have laptops with it pre-loaded on a first come, first serve basis. If you already have the vm from last week, you can download the binaries for this meeting at: and use something like to copy them over to the vm, as copy and paste is disabled.

Shells and Basic Stack Protections
Binary Exploitation: Stack Vulnerability Protections and Bypasses Jon Aldridge & Zach Leggett