CyberFire Puzzles 2024
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CyberFire Puzzles 2024

CyberFire Puzzles 2024

Hello everyone, we hope you had, or are having, a great summer. This year AUEHC will be opening up the fall semester with CyberFire Puzzles! This event is designed such that all skill-levels will find something engaging and will learn, so we highly encourage that you consider attending.

What is CyberFire Puzzles?

Created by the U.S. Department of Energy and Los Alamos National Laboratory, Cyber Fire Puzzles is a friendly competition that features a plethora of interesting mathematical and computer-science-based problems. You can expect to see sequence problems (think 1,5,9,d,...), number base conversion, network forensics, reverse engineering, and more. The problems in each category start at a beginner level but increase in difficulty as you learn from each problem.

This event gives experience to all levels and is a great addition to a growing resume! For official information on the event, look here.

Who Can Participate?

The event is open for registration to all those who are interested. While the event can be time consuming, it is completely up to you how long and how much you want to participate. We encourage all those who want to experience a challenging but informative cyber weekend to attend.

Participation will come in the form of teams that can be made up of varying skill-levels. Being part of a team is optional, but we think you'll enjoy the event more and learn more if you join one. If you cannot find a team, club officers will be more than happy to help you find one.

When and Where?

The event will last through the weekend of August 23rd to August 25th.

  • 23rd: Evening Kick-Off with provided dinner – 6pm to 8pm CST
  • 24th: Competition begins in earnest, meals will be provided :) – begins 10am CST and you can stay however long you would like
  • 25th: Last day of competition – 10am to 5pm CST


Brown-Kopel Engineering Student Center in the 2nd floor ballroom.

How much does it cost to participate?

Participation starts at 30$ for normal registrations which end at noon on August 21st. Registration after that point will cost 35$. These costs cover the provided meals.


Registration is now Live!
Please Register by 8/21 to lock in the lowest Price!


Special Thanks to Los Alamos National Laboratory, Auburn Cyber Research Center (ACRC), and the AU/LANL Cyber Security Sciences Institute (CSSI) for helping to host this event!

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