Fall 2020 Kickoff
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Fall 2020 Kickoff

The first AUEHC meeting of the Fall 2020 semester was overall a success! It was an adjustment for everyone, as we had never done club meetings online, so there were definitely a couple of teething issues but thank you all for dealing with them and sticking around through it. This meeting was just to cover some of the events and topics we are planning to do this fall as well as some hands-on activities to get everyone engaged.

For the second half of the meeting, we hosted a couple of events (focused on using the Linux command line and Bash scripting) to give everyone’s brain a bit of a jump after the summer. For those who were not as familiar with bash scripting, or people who just needed a refresh, we hosted a walkthrough of some of the beginning challenges from Over the Wire. Then for those who were ready to jump right back in, we held a bash competition using some of our challenges from past CTFs. Congratulations to Combinatorious, HKRSMKR, and enya for placing first, second, and third in the bash competition!

For those who maybe weren’t able to make it to the meeting or just want a convenient place to see some of the links, here are some of the events and topics we will be covering and participating in this fall.



This will be the first CTF of the semester.

Date: September 8-10, 2020

Website: https://downunderctf.com/

b01lers CTF

This should be a great CTF for those who might be newer to cybersecurity or capture the flag challenges in general, but all experience levels are welcome.

Date: October 3 - 5, 2020

Website: https://ctf.b01lers.net/

DOE CyberForce

CyberForce is a competition run by the Department of Energy that focuses on the defensive/hardening nature of cyber infrastructure. This year, they are hosting a free online version with 400 students, selected by random lottery. Additionally, there are volunteer opportunities available.

Date: Registration closes October 2, 2020 and the competition is November 14, 2020

Website: https://cyberforcecompetition.com/



Cybersecurity Boot Camp This meeting will give a high level overview of some of the topics cybersecurity can include. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Web Application Hacking


Network Analysis Cryptography