CPTC 2021
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CPTC 2021

What is CPTC?

CPTC (Global Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition) is a competition that mimics real-world penetration testing conducted by companies. Unlike CTFs where you own machines and obtain flags for points, CPTC places greater importance on the written reports and presentation of results alongside finding vulnerabilities. Each CPTC has a different theme which has an impact on the types of systems under test. This year's theme is a retail bakery, so expect e-commerce to play a heavy role. They'll also likely have some industrial control systems stuff (as bakers do).

When is it?

The regional competition date (for Southeastern USA) is October 23, 2021. Registration involves a RFP (Request For Proposal) process, where teams submit proposals in order to compete, and those will be reviewed starting September 20, 2021. Additionally, the finals competition (comprised of the top regionals contenders) is held from January 6-10, 2022 at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Who can join?

Any Auburn University student can join, even if you know absolutely nothing about hacking! Our more experienced members can help guide you in learning about penetration testing.

How do I register?

For now, just react to the Discord announcement--we'll get back to you soon to gauge interest and provide more information about the process.