CyberFire Puzzles Fall 2020 Details
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CyberFire Puzzles Fall 2020 Details

Cyber Fire Puzzles are beginner-friendly cyber security challenges created by the U.S. Department of Energy and Los Alamos National Laboratory. The challenges cover a variety of cyber security topics and offer participants the opportunity to learn more about the field.

Can I work with a team?

Participants are encouraged to work in teams of roughly 6 members of equal skill level; however, participants can work alone if they would prefer. If you don’t have a team, we can help you find one in the AUEHC discord. Cyber Fire Puzzles offers a great opportunity to gain experience working on cyber security problems and looks good on your resume and to employers.

Where/When is the event?

The event will be completely online and will be hosted here: Cyber Fire Puzzles Fall 2020

This is multi-day event from

  • Friday AUG 21, 2020 7 PM (CDT)


  • Sunday AUG 23, 2020 7 PM (CDT)

Help will be provided by LANL employees during the following times:

  • Friday AUG 21, 2020 7 PM - 11 PM (CDT)
  • Saturday AUG 22, 2020 11 AM - 11 PM (CDT)
  • Sunday AUG 23, 2020 11 AM - 7 PM (CDT)

Technology Requirements

You will need your own computer as the event will be held online.


  • FREE


We will be using two different platforms for communication

I’m interested, how do I register?

Registration is open and will remain so until the end of the event.